Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Build Up!

These last two days have been nothing but FUN!

Friday I got to spend the morning with the Coleman kids and if getting them ready for school is always that fun then sign me up again! I loved making their cute little lunches, including the classic "note on a napkin" that frequented my childhood. And as we can see, Vicki is a choosy mom, because we were all Jif that morning :)

As Maddy and I were in her room picking out some clothes for her we suddenly get a loud knock on her bedroom door and Brandon yells, "Police, open up!" Well, we were surrounded so we found all the stuffed animals we could and took 15 minutes out of our morning routine to play a little cops and robbers. But with that kind of armory, are you surprised at all that the boys won? (Maddy and I are currently investing in R&D for some pink and stylish guns of our own).

And of course no morning could be complete without a few battle scars, which Maddy insisted needed a band aid :)

Oh, and don't forget a little "I want to eat this even though I'm not allowed to" :) ..............

As we dropped the boys off at school I yelled "Have a good day!" and Maddy got in her own "Be careful!" before the boys ran out of sight. Then Maddy continued to tell me about the "tiny people" that she goes to preschool with. Not children, tiny people. We spent the rest of the morning wearing cowboy hats, eating crackers, and making this Mother's day present for Vicki:

In the afternoon Jenn and I took a trip with Max down to the temple. It was wonderful, especially the hilarious part when Jenn foolishly had too much to drink on the way there.....and then could barely hold it during the session :) On the way home we of course had to stop at Deseret Book. I got a good look at my love infatuation that I see every time I go there and I also got this wonderful cook book:

I will definitely be cooking out of it soon!

Today I went and had the emissions tested on my car (of course Max passed with flying colors) and then I finished my mom's Mother's Day present:

I'm sure that she will LOVE having this to spice up her classroom. She's such an AMAZING teacher!

I was also elated this morning when my mom took her temple picture off the wall that she's had since I was born and replaced it with a picture I took recently. Now, this may just be the adult form of displaying finger paintings on the refrigerator, but I feel pretty darn special!

Out of all this though, my largest project of the day was what you see below:

I made these for Aunt Di and Grandma for Mother's Day and decided I'd make a few more for some other mothers I adore :) Hope you all have a great day tomorrow and show your love to all the mothers in your life!


  1. I think you need to share the recipes:)

  2. Rachel, You are so thoughtful and sweet! I LOVE my teacher gift and I keep staring at tkhe beautiful temple picture on the wall! It looks so nice! I'm proud of you and blessed to be your mom!

    Thanks for always spreading sunshine!
    I love you,