Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just because

Hello everyone! Normally in the LDS community people start blogs when they get married or have a baby. Of course both of those things are exciting and deserve a blog to capture all the fun. But I decided that my husband-less and baby-less life is also pretty fun :) And one day, my beautiful children and awesome husband may want to know what I was up to before they came around. So, I've decided to start capturing all the moments!

As of late.......

For the first year ever, we dyed Easter eggs without my mom this Easter but it was still pretty fun because my dad is the master of egg dying. I also made one to tribute NYC cause......well, do I really need a reason? :)

Also, after the amazing talks given in April, I decided to follow President Monson's counsel from General Conference and take some pictures of the Portland, Oregon temple to put around our home. I LOVE the temple!

As an update for those who don't know, I have a job with Fisher Investments that I am VERY excited about, but I don't start until June. So, to keep myself occupied until then I've been doing some things to keep me busy. For example, I sewed my own temple dress (thanks Jenn!), redecorated some of my room, and bought a car!

Yes, it may not be that big of deal to anyone else but I have always wanted a jewelry holder that met all of my needs....and I finally found one!

Another easy change was buying those cute plants you see above from Ikea, and adding some art I've had in my closet. I think I like redecorating a little too much...... Next up, a white headboard for my bed!

And last but definitely not least, Max! Yes, I've already named my car and I'm pretty sure I'm in love. I think about him all the time and I would love to just drive around all day. Only rising gas prices can squelch our love :)


  1. great photos of the temple and love the new car. I want to see your new temple dress too! You're so dang cute. I'm glad you're blogging again:)

  2. I saw a black cherry sonata today and slowed down to see if it was you! Bummer it wasn't...

  3. So happy to see you are doing well! Nice decorating!